Launching “Tawakulna” application to manage electronic permits during the “curfew” period


The Saudi Commission for Data and Artificial Intelligence “Sadaya” has announced the experimental launch of the “Tawaklana” application, to enable government and private entities excluded from the decision to prevent curfews from issuing permits electronically to their employees, through a platform for government agencies and another for the private sector.

The new application, in its experimental form, enables those with medical appointments and a delegate of delivery applications to obtain the necessary permits to facilitate movement during the prevention times.

The commission clarified that the official launch date for the “Tawakkulna” application will be announced later, in which registration will be available for individuals, citizens and residents.

The application will contain many features that would contribute to facilitating the obtaining of permits to roam during the prevention period, such as “humanitarian permits, medical emergencies, and permits for the purposes of catering.”

The “Tawaklana” application approved by the Ministry of Health is one of the latest government efforts, which provides instant and direct information on the number of infections of the “Corona” virus in the Kingdom, in addition to providing the latest alerts and medical news issued by the Ministry of Health about the virus, its spread and ways to prevent it.