As summer enters, “Electricity” explains the benefits of a “fixed bill” for subscribers


The Saudi Electricity Company confirmed that the system of “fixed bill” is the best option for the subscriber, to balance expenses between summer and winter, in order to avoid a discrepancy in consumption between the summer months and the rest of the year.

And it stated that the “fixed” service depends on calculating the average monthly consumption during the past 12 months, and then approving the amount for the next 12 months.

The company explained that the “fixed bill” service is available to all subscribers in the residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial sectors, with the exception of government subscribers, and that service can be registered through the company’s website, or the application of electricity, or through the unified number (920001100).

The company emphasized that participation in the service guarantees the subscriber not to separate the electrical service from the subscriber, and it continues if the actual dues for the monthly consumption are higher than the amount required to be paid, and he can also pay the amounts for liquidating the bill at the end of the year if it exceeds the value of the monthly sums that he paid in easy installments For 12 months.