A “health” spokesman reveals the cause of corona’s injuries to over 1,000 a day


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Today, Sunday (Sunday), the official spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abd Al-Aali, revealed the reason for the rise in Corona virus infections to over a thousand cases daily during the past two weeks.

Al-Abd Al-Aali explained during the daily press conference of the developments of the crisis, that the remarkable increase in the number of infections is due to the efforts of the Ministry through monitoring and investigation campaigns and active survey directed to the outbreaks of the virus in a number of regions of the Kingdom.

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The high slave added that the rise wave in the whole world in this pandemic is passing through time stages, and as the time stages progress, we expected that there will be monitoring to discover more and more cases.

Al-Abd Al-Ali pointed out that despite the noticeable rise in the number of injuries, the monitoring curve has not yet reached a significant rise with dangerous indicators, due to the precautionary measures and interventions that made the numbers remain in a certain range and did not rise to a worrying degree that health services are unable to absorb them.

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