Video .. “Health” provides important tips to follow when going shopping


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Yesterday (Friday), the Ministry of Health provided several important advice to follow when going shopping in light of the emerging epidemic of Corona Virus “Covid 19”.

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Mohammed Al-Abdulali, said that the elderly and those who suffer from chronic diseases should not go out of their homes to shop, and on behalf of those who can go out and are in good health

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Al-Abdali pointed out that important things must be taken into account during shopping, which are: moving away from crowded places, choosing the appropriate time for shopping, avoiding peak times, and leaving a distance of one and a half meters with others when arriving at the intended destination.

He also added that the medical or fabric mask should be worn to prevent the spray from reaching others, sterilizing the hands continuously, and not touching the surfaces until after ensuring that they are clean, and upon completion of the shopping, the payment must be made through cards.

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