Yemeni Man Arrested for Making Sajdah to His Wife


Saudi police arrested a man for mocking religious rites after he had appeared in pictures prostrating to a woman, a police official said.

The images went viral online showing the man in worship positions in front of the girl next to a mosque in emulation of the Islamic prayer.

A spokesman for police in the holy region of Mecca, Brig Mohammad Al Ghamdi, said authorities had identified those involved in “this criminal act”.

The suspects are a Saudi man in his 30s and a Yemeni female resident in her 20s as well as another Yemeni woman who took the photos and uploaded them on social media, the official said, according to Saudi news portal Sabq.

“They were arrested and legal procedures are being taken against them,”

Brig Al Ghamdi added. The incident reportedly took place next to a mosque in Jeddah, triggering public outrage.

Source : GulfNews