Does the return to work in some activities currently affect the benefit of the beneficiary in “Sanid” … “Insurances” explains


The General Organization for Social Insurance clarified whether the return to work in some activities currently affects the entitlement of Saudi beneficiaries to pay “Sanid” compensation, which was issued a decision within the support of the private sector due to the Corona pandemic, or not.

She indicated that returning to work does not affect the entitlement of beneficiaries working in private sector establishments to pay “Sanid” compensation, and whose facilities benefited from the support due to them to be affected by the repercussions of the Corona crisis.

She added that the committee concerned with setting eligibility controls decided that the return to work that was recently decided does not affect the eligibility of beneficiaries of compensation compensation in the first of May and June next, unless there is any development in opening the field of work more, provided that the procedure for returning to work is agreed upon between the worker and the owner Work, including appropriate compensation due to the partial practice of work.

She pointed out that if the area is subsequently opened to conduct business further, the committee will review this decision to determine whether the facility deserves support or not, and when the worker’s rights are violated, the specific penalties will be applied systematically.