Muslims have special affection towards Holy Qur’an and from time to time different Muslims have shown it. Be it memorizing verses in just few months or writing it down on by stitching.

Today’s story revolves on a similar devout Muslim who wrote entire Quranic chapter/Surah on a miniscule grain of rice. The name of this talented artist is Umar Farouq Takin and he is from Turkey.

Takin has written the entire Surah Ikhlas (Qul HuAllahu Ahad…) on a rice grain. Writing on rice is a form of art where names, letters etc are written on the grain of rice and it is quite famous amongst art enthusiasts.

Although some artists have also practiced this art with Arabic letters, Takin in our best knowledge is the first man to write an entire Surah on rice grain. Al-Ikhlas is chapter 112 of the Qur’an, its verses are 4, it consists of 17 words and 47 letters, and contains 13 different alphabetic letters and he has managed to write down all 47 letters.

Takin has mastered the art of writing on rice 5 years ago. To achieve success in his dream project, he used 3 things: A long white rice grain, a microscope and a hair of mantis.

He has become quite famous for his impressive skills in Muslim world and has been invited to present his masterpiece at the ‘Holy Qur’an Exhibition’ in Saudi Arabia.

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