Pakistani Muslim Scientist Invents World’s First Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine


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Air pollution is damaging the earth’s atmosphere. Emission of different oxides such oxides of nitrogen, carbon and other are very hazardous for the atmosphere. On the other hand, ozone layer is damaging at a high rate and creating a lot problems especially related to skin. While I don’t want to be part of the media problem of simply depressing readers who largely have no power over these issues, we need regulators and airliners to know the facts.

Aviation department was a big problem for the scientist to handle. Depletion of ozone layer is a big concern right now. Aviation is one of the biggest contributors to carbon emissions. Airplane emissions have increased by 4.3% each year since 1999 and are expected to make up 25% of the world’s carbon emissions by 2050.

As the environmental impact of planes takes center stage, many passengers are becoming reluctant to fly. In Sweden, it’s known as flygskam, or flying shame. Frequent fliers are getting called out for their activities, and a record number of people are choosing to travel by train instead of by plane. The greenhouse gas emissions of one person flying round-trip from New York to London is the same as what it takes to heat a single-family home for a year. To save the same amount of pollution created from that single flight, a person would have to recycle every household item for eight years or not eat meat for two years.

Thanks to the Pakistani scientist who has solved this major issue which is affecting a lot of lives. Pakistani scientist Dr. Sarah Qureshi has developed the world’s first eco-friendly aircraft engine in Pakistan for the global aviation authority. The technological masterpiece is expected to be ready between mid-to-late 2020.

According to Dr. Sarah, she has been working on the project since 2018 to eliminate the negative impact of commercial air carriers on the stratosphere that has been contributing to global warming since long. The scientist claimed that the world aviation authority, in the past, has ignored to develop the eco-friendly technology, rather they focused more on extracting monetary value by building fuel-efficient aircraft engines.

Dr. Sarah, while commenting on Elon Musk’s trip to Mars program, said “unless you have a confirmed ticket to the red planet, which does not have a livable atmosphere, Earth is the best bet and must be saved.” The scientist, being an environmental activist, turned her academic research at Cranfield University, UK, into a save-the-planet to build the world’s first pollution-free jet engine.

Today human beings can feel they are in a difficult spot. The constant flow of bad news from the media about the impacts of global warming are taking their toll on consumers, particularly young people who feel powerless about it. To add insult to injury, it’s simply not cool to talk about. A recent article on NBC details how it is socially unacceptable to talk about climate change publicly.

A Yale survey found that 65% of those surveyed discuss global warming “never” or “rarely”. At the same time making eco-conscious decisions come at a cost, and not every person can always make the green choice. For example, many of us have to travel for work, and flying is the only way to do so.

Unfortunately, today there is no solar powered airplane. Some airlines have offered a way to upgrade to a more sustainable flight option, but that can be more expensive and not an option for the average traveler.

What are consumers to do? Consumers are concerned and would like options so they can continue to live their life in a normal manner as much as possible. But in some corners of the earth we have the hope of innovation, of start-ups that are focusing on creating solutions, not simply spreading bad news. In fact the future of zero-emission airplanes could be right around the corner.

The Future of Electric Planes

There could be an end in sight. Zero-emission planes could soon replace traditional fuel-powered airplanes to drastically cut back on air pollution. The most realistic zero-emission planes will be electric. The concept is similar to electric cars, but in the air. Instead of using traditional fuel to power a plane, which releases large amount of pollution, electric planes use large batteries that are chargeable and provide a powerful and clean flight.


Electric planes are ideal for trips less than 1,000 miles, which produce 40% of all aviation emissions but are still short enough to ideally travel on a single charge. Many people choose to drive on their sub-1,000-mile trips, but traveling by electric plane could cut emissions by an additional 4-8%.

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