7 Prayers to Get Married Soon – Useful Best Dua for Marriage


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Marriage is an important part of life. It makes life bed of roses. Many people wants to start a new life but they did not get any good marriage proposal. The percentage of women is increasing rapidly.

According to a survey, only in Pakistan there are more than 50 lac women waiting for a proposal. Out of them, 37 lac belongs from a poor or mediocre families. They did not have enough money to manage or arrange a marriage ceremony. With the passage of time, things are getting worse. But being a Muslim, we should not get panic as we have a book which has solution to all the problems.

If you are worried about the marriage proposal or people are rejecting you, than there is nothing to worry about. Everything which happen, is happen for a reason. And it is beneficial for us because may be that relation might broke after sometime. So, don’t feel disheartened. Everybody has their own choices, likings and way of spending life according to their will and wishes.

In Islam forced marriage has no value and it is strictly prohibited. Marriage is a relationship which requires loves from the both sides. To tie the knot of marriage, both male and the female must see each other. If both are willing, then it should be carry on otherwise you have to wait.

On the other hand, we way a good way to find our soulmates and that way comes from the zikr and recitation of different surahs. You must read them with full attention and belief because these are magical words. These are the words of Alllah. And it will benefit you when you read them with full concentration and from the deep of your heart.

Yes, everything is possible for Allah (SWT), these 7 duas are extremely useful for those boys and girls who are having a tough time getting a marriage proposal.


Some people are very lucky to get a marriage proposal and get married as soon as possible but then there are some boys and girls who are getting stressed out for getting no marriage proposals. But do not get disheartened, there must be something good in delay for this because Allah always wants the best for you.

If you are searching for Dua for Marriage then here are 7 Duas which will help you in getting married as well as by reciting it on time, as per directed then you will soon Insha’Allah get a marriage proposal.


Surah Yasin is also known as the heart of the Quran because of its limitless blessings. As per them, Surah Yasin solves all problems related to getting married soon.


Verse number 24 of Surah Qasas is a special dua made by Musa (AS) while he is in exile. Musa (AS) felt very lonely and depressed and then he said this dua to Allah swt.

As per many Islamic scholars, if a boy recites this verse 100 times a day, soon he will find a better girl for him.

And girls should recite Surah Duha 11 times after Fajr to get the best marriage proposal/


Do the following;

·        11 Times: Durood Shareef


·        313 Times: Allah

·        11 Times: Durood Shareef (at the end).

Do this after every prayer for 41 days without any gap or skipping this tasbeeh.


Do these following thing after any prayer per day;

·        19 Times: Bismillah

·        1100 Times: 129 Verse of Surah Tauba

·        100 Times: Durood Shareef

·        19 Times: Bismillah (at the end).

Pray for yourself or your daughter or son to get marriage proposal soon.


Recite Surah Maryam after any salah, once per day. This can only be done by the Girl or her mother only.


Recite 2 Rakaah salah any time then recite 11 times Durood Shareef. Then recite the Tasbeeh of Fatima Zehra (RA) which is;

·        34 Times: Allah hu Akbar

·        33 Times: Alhamdullilah

·        33 Times: Subhan Allah

·        11 Times: Durood Shareef (End of the Dhikr or Tasbeeh)

After completing this, recite this;

·        Surah Taha

·        Surah Ash-Shu’ara

·        Surah Qasas

·        Surah Yasin

·        and then again, Surah Ash-Shu’ara

This can be recited by the parent. A Mother should pray it, and if she is unable to do it then a father should do it.


If a girl is growing up and getting no marriage proposals then one of the parents (Mother or Father) should pray 2 Rakaah salah (Just like Fajr) on Friday after Jummah prayer and after completing the Salah recite Surah Muzammil 21 times.

Let us know which Dua for Marriage worked for you in the comments box below.

My brothers and sister, Islam is a true and complete religion. It has solutions to all the problems. The Holy Qur’an is the best healer. It will solve all our problems. May Allah guide us to the right path.

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