Japan Developed ‘Mosque on Wheels’ for Muslim Athletes & Fans during Tokyo Olympics 2020


Olympic is the biggest global sports competition of our times where almost every country participates in it and athletes compete for medals. Olympic medal is the biggest achievement for an athlete’s career.

Olympic Games are conducted after every 4 years and 2020 is one such year. Japan is hosting 2020 Olympics and is ready to welcome athletes from every corner of the world. Japan has left no space for any inconvenience to the arriving athletes, fans across the globe.

Muslims will also be participating and enjoying the Olympics in Tokyo and Japan too has taken care of their religious need i.e., praying 5 times a day.

Japan has developed a ‘mobile mosque’ for Muslim athletes and fans to pray five times a day during Olympics. The mosque attached to a heavy duty truck is equipped with prayer mats, water basins (for Wudu) and can accommodate 50 people at a time.

Since the mosque is attached to a truck, it is mobile and can shift as per location. The truck expands into prayer room by doubling its size and looks like a mosque but when not in need, it gets back into the shape of a normal truck. This modern mosque provides portable solution for Muslims looking for a safe and clean place to pray.

Japan is one of the leading countries of the world in terms of technology and innovations and this mosque is just a sample of how technology can be adapted by Muslims and it can assimilate with Islam. Technology, if used correctly is very beneficial and Muslims should soften their attitude towards adopting the modern technologies.

The ‘mobile mosque’ or ‘Mosque on wheels’ is developed by Yasu Project and they plan to pitch this mobile mosque outside venues during Olympics Games.

They also plan to use this moving mosque at other events in Japan such as Paralympics, world cup etc. The Muslim population of Japan is between 100,000 to 200,000 and the mosques are very less compared to population, this mobile mosque can fill this gap and can provide safe and sound place for Muslims in Japan to pray.