Muslim Cancer Survivor is Helping Young Kids to Fight Cancer in Iraq


Helping others is a big human virtue and dedicating one’s life for the service of humanity is a bigger one. There are very few people in this world who endeavors to take such big step in their life.

Today we bring you one such story from Basra, Iraq where a girl has dedicated her whole life for the service of humanity. This is the story of Sabreen Abdel Zahra.

Sabreen has dedicated her life to improve the lives of children suffering from cancer in Basra, Iraq. Sabreen herself was a cancer patient once but she successfully beaten her breast cancer during 2008-11. She suffered a lot during those times and decided that she will help those who are going through the pain which she has been going.

Moreover, she doesn’t want to let the kids face the loneliness and trauma of the treatment. She has become volunteer at Children’s Hospital in Basra.

She has given countless hours of her own time visiting the children giving them special gifts, encouraging them and organizing kid’s activities.

She says she does it because the kids’ family don’t know how to deal with them and they can’t realize their feelings after taking medicines. She knows how it feels to go through medications and treatment which is not easy at all. She has full sympathy towards the kids and she is dedicated to serve them as the best.