A cleaner in Makkah who is said to be a millionaire – Really?


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For the past couple of days, a photo of a cleaner in Makkah has been revolving around with this great story that he is a millionaire who has come from India.   The very trending story that I happen to have read on twitter was that a man who resides in Makkah went to offer his salah in Masjid Al Hara.

This cleaner is said to be a millionaire – story

  • This cleaner is said to be a millionaire – story
  • Why does he work as a cleaner?
  • Is it a true story?

After he was done with his prayers, he went to a cleaner and offered him a few riyals. People in Saudi Arabia are generous towards the cleaners of Masjid al-Haram. Both locals and foreigners do give out a few riyals as Sadqa to these cleaners and so did this man.

Yet to his surprise, the cleaner did not accept the sadqa money as he was a millionaire. He even showed the man his valet which was overflowing with a bunch of bank cards. The man was in a deep shock why was this millionaire cleaning floors of Masjid then.

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Upon investigation, the cleaner revealed that he is an Indian and owns a chain of Hotels in India. Allah Almighty has blessed him with a lot of money and wealth and thereby he wishes to be a noble servant of Allah.

He wants to be a humble man and wants to be grateful to what he has been blessed with. In his humbleness, he ought to clean the house of Allah by his own hands.

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Why does he work as a cleaner?

To be a loyal and humble servant of Allah and to put some services at His path, the cleaner comes on a work visa from India and tends to clean the floors of the Masjid Al Haram. When the man inquired from the nearby cleaners about the very cleaner they also assured that he is a millionaire who comes only to seek Allah’s happiness.

The story quite touched my heart and I saw that people around social media had been acknowledging the cleaner’s humbleness. They said that the man is an exceptional one: being a millionaire and doing such humble work.

People were sharing his story along with his picture on social media. Indeed, the story is an inspirational one. But before believing it, I wanted to know if the story was true as the writer was an anonymous one.

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The writer had not disclosed his name nor that of the cleaner which made me think that this might not be true.

Is it a true story?

To my surprise, it wasn’t true at all. A YouTube video I found filmed the very cleaner who disclosed that he is not a millionaire.

The very cleaner said in an interview that his name is Muhammad Aslam and he has been providing services to Masjid al-Haram as a cleaner for 25 years! He is surprised to learn the false story regarding him!

He might not be a millionaire, yet he has won hearts of Million across the world over his services! We hope and pray for his happiness.

Before I end, I must say we shall not share posts that are unauthentic. I wish the writer of the false story learns that such things have a serious impact. People might stop giving charity to him! We might deem him a wealthy person, yet he is not!

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