Saudi family reunites with kidnapped son after 20 years:


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JEDDAH: A Saudi man who was kidnapped 20 years ago from the hospital he was born in has been reunited with his biological family after DNA tests matched with the parents, Al-Ekhbariya reported.

Ali Al-Khanizi, father of Moussa Al-Khanizi, said that his son would finally get to have his first meal with his family either today or tomorrow, once all security procedures are complete.

Al-Khanizi never gave up on finding his son, reviewing the security footage from the hospital he had been born in and abducted from three hours after he was born over and over, and offering big financial rewards for his safe return.

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The kidnapper, disguised in a nurse’s outfit, entered Al-Khanizi’s wife’s room after she had given birth to her son, and sedated her before leaving with the infant.

Investigations into the kidnapper, who raised two boys without any identity documents for 20 years, are still ongoing.

The case unfolded when the kidnapper applied for national identity forms for her two sons, whom she claimed had been orphans she found abandoned 20 years ago, whom she had raised and homeschooled. Security services suspected her story after comparing it with previous reports kidnappings of newborns from a hospital in Dammam on Sept. 8, 1996, and Jul. 22, 1999.

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She was arrested pending further investigations.

Source: Arab News

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