Video of Saudi man mocking the abaya goes viral


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Recently a video showing a man mocking the abaya went viral that caused a huge stir in the nation. The video showed a man wearing traditional Saudi Dress and headgear meet a woman inside a living room and tell her to remove her abaya saying the time of abaya is over and this is the time of entertainment.

Saudi prosecutors directly ordered to arrest the man and the woman who appeared in a disgraceful video. The video was filmed in Riyadh and the man was also seen kissing the hand of the woman.

The woman is a Jordanian fashion model

  • The woman is a Jordanian fashion model
  • Arrest orders are issued
  • Viral Video
  • No need to wear an Abaya

The woman who appeared in the video is a Jordanian Fashion model whereas the man’s identity is yet not disclosed but it is clear that he is a Saudi national. Above all, both are accused of violating public morality and Islamic values.

On the other side, the Saudi news portal Sabq reported that the Saudi prosecution widely watches all that violates religious values and public morals and it is marked a crime responsible to legal punishments according to the mentioned rules and regulations.

Arrest orders are issued

Saudi online newspaper Ajel reported that the Governor of Northern Region Prince Faisal Bin Khaled ordered to arrest the man who appeared in the disgraceful video. The man seems to be a Saudi national.

Although the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is transforming the ultra-conservative nation whoever tries to violate moral and religious values he will be punished according to the mentioned legal punishments.

Viral Video

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أثار مقطع فيديو تم تداوله عبر مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي في السعودية، اليوم الأحد، ويظهر فيه شاب وفتاة في مشهد درامي كما يبدو، غضبًا واسعًا في المملكة، حيث اعتبره نشطاء جريئًا، بينما ذهب آخرون لاعتباره ”مسيئًا ومنافيًا لعادات وتقاليد المملكة“. ويظهر في الفيديو شاب يدخل على فتاة في غرفة، قبل أن يقوم بنزع عباءتها وهو يردد أن زمن العباءة قد ولّى وأن هذا الزمن هو زمن الترفيه على حد قوله، بجانب تقبيله ليدها. وطالب سعوديون الجهات المختصة بالتحقيق في الحادث وسرعة القبض على الشاب والفتاة اللذين ظهرا في المقطع المتداول #إرم_نيوز #أخبار #منوعات #جديد #لايك #تفاعل #الرياض #موسم_الرياض #العباية #جرائم #هيئة_الترفيه #سعوديون #خطة_2030 #ترند #SAUDI #TREND #NEWS #VIDEO #حاسبوا_المسيء_للعبايه

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No need to wear an Abaya

In a previous statement, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Prince Mohammed bin Salman has said that women are not required to wear an Abaya in public if they are wearing a modest dress. After this statement, many women in Saudi Arabia have been opting for this option.