How to make Arabic Qahwa (coffee)?


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If you ask anyone living in the Gulf countries and especially in Saudi Arabia about the favorite drink of Arabs, he would take only one name and it is Arabic Qahwa. It is known with different names like Arabic coffee, Saudi Qahwa, Qahwa Coffee and Saudi coffee. In this article, we shall explain the step by step procedure to make Arabic Qahwa and share Arabic qahwa recipe as well.

Arabic Qahwa is of unique blended flavors that differ from our traditional western coffee. I am sure that after trying it once, you will continue to crave for it over and again. It is served on almost all the prestigious functions in Saudi Arabia and generally served in business meetings as well. It is normally served with high-quality dates.

Saudi Qahwa or Arabic Qahwa recipe

  • Saudi Qahwa or Arabic Qahwa recipe
  • Saudi Qahwa Ingredients
  • How to make Arabic Qahwa (coffee)?

After tasting it once, I am sure you would be looking for the Arabic Qahwa recipe as it is so delicious that you want to drink it over and again. It is generally served in small cups which can contain up to 50 ml of Qahwa Coffee. We have shared the Saudi Qahwa recipe below.

1167 Steps to prepare Arabic Qahwa (Coffee) in Arab Style 02

Saudi Qahwa Ingredients

This is a fact that the method of making Arabic gava or Saudi Qahwa varies widely from place to place due to differences in the quality and type of Qahwa Coffee beans, different spices or flavoring added to it. However, you normally need the following ingredients to make Saudi Qahwa.

  • Arabic Qahwa beans โ€“ 3Tbsp or Qahwa Coffee powder
  • Water โ€“ 3 cups
  • Crushed cardamom โ€“ 1tbs
  • Cloves- 5-6 (optional)
  • Saffron- a pinch (optional)
  • Rose water- 1tsp (optional)

How to make Arabic Qahwa (coffee)?

Qahwa Coffee is cooked in a special container name Dallah on the stove and then filled in a thermos. It is then served in handless cups named finjan.

  1. Grind Arabic Qahwa beans

You can purchase Arabic Qahwa beans either roasted or ground. Some stores offer Qahwa Coffee beans mixed with some spices and flavors. You can also buy unroasted Saudi Qahwa beans and roast them yourself. 

Grind the Arabic gava beans in a grinder if it is not pre-ground. You can grind it in fine powder form or keep a bit coarse particles, depends on your choice. The Qahwa Coffee powder is also available in the market which would not require you to grind the beans.

However, the only drawback with the Saudi Qahwa powder is that it wonโ€™t allow you to adjust the Qahwa Coffee taste and spices according to your choice but will definitely give Saudi Qahwa its taste. 

2. Crush cardamom pods for Arabic Qahwa

Crush cardamom pods and grind those cardamom seeds obtained from it in the grinder into fine powder form. Prepare your thermos because usually the Saudi Qahwa is served from thermos throughout the Arab world. 

3. Boil 3 cups of water for Arabic Qahwa

Boil 3 cups of water in the Dallah or saucepan on medium flame. Remove Dallah from the stove and let it cool slightly. Now add the desired quantity of Arabic Qahwa powder and put it back on the stove.

Your Saudi Qahwa might burn so just remove the Dallah from the stove or reduce your flame intensity from time to time. For 10 to 12 minutes the Qahwa Coffee will brew itself on low flame covering into foams in water.

4. Add cardamon and cloves in Arabic Qahwa

Turn off the flame and remove it from the stove and let it cool for some while.  Then add ground cardamom and cloves if you want. Return your Qahwa back to the stove and bring it to boil repeating the process again. Again remove it from the stove for the foam and Arabic Qahwa to settle down.

1167 Steps to prepare Arabic Qahwa (Coffee) in Arab Style

5. Add rosewater in Arabic Qahwa

Now pour the Saudi Qahwa into a thermos add 1 teaspoon of rosewater in it. Serve Qahwa Coffee in small cups and fill it half. Serve it with something sweet like biscuits or dates. Milk is usually not added in it so don’t even try to offer it to someone.

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