No New Visas and Iqama Renewal for Expats above 40? – MOL clarifies the issue


No Iqama renewal for expats above 40?

  • No Iqama renewal for expats above 40?
  • MOL clarifies the issue
  • Do not believe in fake news

A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a message to confirm if the Saudi government is planning to stop issuing new visas to expatriates above 40 years old. He told me that he has heard from one of his friends that all the new work visas of expatriates above 40 for the Bin Ladin Group have been rejected.

After that day, I have seen on many online websites the rumors which talk about the issue that the Saudi government will not be issuing any new work visa for expatriates above 40 years of age.

Moreover, sometimes I also heard that the expatriates who are above 40 will not be able to renew their iqama and government is planning to deport them. Well, until today I was only able to say that the news has not been confirmed by the Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia.

MOL clarifies the issue

Now, the Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia has clarified the issue and came up with their stand on it. The Ministry of labor has categorically denied the rumors circulating on social media that the expatriates above 40 years of age would not be able to renew their iqamas.

The Ministry has said that this is a false news story and the government has no plans to take these kinds of measures at all. This kind of rumors creates dissatisfaction among expatriates.

MOL clarified that the Ministry only make publications on its website. We believe that the main motive behind spreading rumors is to destabilize the economy, spread chaos and harm the relationship between citizens and expatriates.

Do not believe in fake news

I would strongly recommend you and every reader of this blog to not to trust any kind of information which does not come from a reliable source. We have been working hard to always provide you with the correct information.

Before believing in any news, at least try to evaluate it on the facts provided in the news article. For example, it is practically impossible for the country for a country to apply this kind of rule.

Moreover, practically there is no benefit of hiring expats who are less than 40 years old and not getting benefits from the people who are really well experienced in their fields.

I think the government should also take action against those websites and individuals who spread this kind of wrong information.

These websites publish the news without talking about any authentic source of information. Most of these websites are being managed from outside Saudi Arabia.