Bringing Newly Born Baby on On-Arrival Visa to Saudi Arabia


Mr. Raj has shared his experience to bring the newly born baby to Saudi Arabia on an on-arrival visa. There are two ways of bringing a newly born baby to Saudi Arabia and we have explained them in this article.

Please read the article to have clear and in-depth information about this subject. “Bringing Newly Born Baby to Saudi Arabia”

Hi, I am Raj, new to this website. I was checking about visit visa & last date travel (for my brother). For me; I have a family visa and I got a baby in India on 16/9/16 and applied and received a baby passport on 14/10/16 morning and I got information from my friend that I can bring the baby on on-arrival visa (no need to apply for visa in India) and can do iqama in Saudi Arabia.

The reason was my wife exit re-entry was expiring on 18/10/16. So, I was rushing myself, firstly I went to one city to obtain the Polio Immunization certificate for the baby (5 hours traveling) with 3 photos.

It cost me INR 600 – they just gave me a notepad certificate mentioning ” the traveled the first dose has been given to the baby” (they are Saudi authorized center traveled again (5 hours to the airport) while on the way I booked the ticket through credit card by using 3G networks.

After reaching Madras airport: Qatar Airways, they said ok for me & my wife (having iqama & exit-re-entry) but they wanted to check with Qatar office for the baby entry. They asked me to wait for 2.5 hours and finally, they said ok. (It seems that until 6 months’ visa on arrival is allowed for the newborn). At Saudi immigration: They didn’t ask me anything, I said newborn, they wrote some numbers at baby passport & stamped it.

Muhammad Haneefa: Saudi consulate is giving visa for newborn baby without visa slip (Yellow Slip), based on mother’s Re-Entry visa. Requirements are listed below;

01-Mother’s original passport, with original valid Re-Entry visa of KSA.

02-Baby’s original passport.

03-Baby’s original birth certificate. Any Indian language Birth Cert. With ORIGINAL SEAL and SIGNATURE of the officer. For another language cert. please send English Translation just to understand.

04-Baby’s original Polio Certificate: Polio Certificate can be obtained by any doctor, family physician, typed on his letterhead (Handwritten not accepted), stating that the vaccination has been given as per age schedule. Please note that Polio Card or long file containing several pages is not acceptable.

05-Baby’s photo: 04 No. (Passport size, Color Photo, but white background)

06-Father’s Iqama (Residence Permit) copy.

07-Mother’s Iqama (Residence Permit) copy.

08-Father’s Passport copy. (only 1st & last page)

09-Father’s complete Saudi Company Address with Ph/ Mob No. just address

Border Number: Make sure that the immigration officer writes border number as well as visa number on the passport of the newborn.

Secret Admirer: I have searched the information over the internet and found that on arrival visa is given to newborns if it is not listed in yellow slip and newborn must be less than 6 months.