8 Health benefits of eating dates during pregnancy


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Pregnant ladies have a query that is it safe to consume dates during pregnancy? So here we are with medical evidence to answer the query.

Is it safe to eat dates during pregnancy?

  • Is it safe to eat dates during pregnancy?
  • Do dates help induce labor?
  • Nutrition Composition of dates
  • Benefits of Dates During Pregnancy

Medical science has approved dates as a healthy fruit that is safe to be consumed during pregnancy. It is not only safe but has extraordinary health benefits for both the baby and the mother.

While it is believed that the dates have high sugar content and would have unpleasant effects on the health of the mother and child, it is worth noting here that the natural sugar in dates breakdown allowing for instant energy and minimal effect on blood sugar levels.

Health benefits of eating dates during pregnancy

Do dates help induce labor?

It has been proved by medical research that pregnant ladies who tend to incorporate dates during the last weeks of pregnancy, tend to have positive effects on labor and delivery. The randomized control trials show that date relaxes the cervix which helps in reducing the labor period and risk of labor induction.

Moreover, studies have shown that date consumption during pregnancy eases the delivery process and reduces the risks of postpartum hemorrhage. In the Holy Quran, Allah instructed Maryam A.S to eat dates to relieve her in the delivery pain.

Nutrition Composition of dates

Dates are a rich source of energy as they are packed with essential nutrients. Per 100 grams dates are filed with: 277Kcal of energy, 1.8g protein, 6.7g fiber, 15 mcg Folate, 0.9 mg Iron, 2.7 mcg Vitamin K, 54 mg Magnesium and 696 mg Potassium.

Benefits of Dates During Pregnancy

Here are 8 amazing health benefits of dates for pregnant ladies:

  1. A vital source of energy

Pregnancy is challenging and females need extra energy to cope up with their routine tasks: so a handful of dates during pregnancy shall allow you to intake the essential nutrients on the pure form that only have a positive effect on the body.

  • Helps Relieve pregnancy-related constipation

Many females face an issue of constipation during pregnancy which is not good for their health. As dates are rich in fiber, they help in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Dates help in reducing cholesterol levels and maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Helps in the production of vital amino acids

Dates are rich in proteins that help in the production of amino acids. The amino acids help in the growth of the body.

  • Reduces the risk of birth defects

Congenital defects are caused due to deficiency of folate: this is why WHO recommends Folate supplements and folate-rich food to all mommies to be. Dates are rich in folate.

  • Rich in Vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential for babies for bone development and healing of clots. However, most babies are born with low levels of vitamin K. mothers shall incorporate dates in their diet so that sufficient Vitamin K could be sourced to the baby. Also eating dates during breastfeeding is proven beneficial.

  • Combat iron deficiency

Dates consumption can combat iron deficiencies during pregnancies. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Also iron is essential in regulating hemoglobin in the body which is vital for strengthening the immunity of mom and child.

  • Source of Potassium

Dates are rich in potassium, which maintains water-salt balance, regulates blood pressure and avoids muscle cramps. The deficiency of potassium is highly dangerous for both mother and child as it can lead to high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and stroke.

  • Combating Magnesium deficiencies

Dates can combat magnesium deficiencies in pregnant ladies, magnesium deficiency is highly risky for pregnant ladies as it can cause chronic hypertension, preeclampsia, placental dysfunction, and premature labor.

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