How to check Iqama Color Status? Red/Green/Yellow


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You can check the Iqama Color Status of Kafeel, Mosasa, Company or Institute to know if they are in the Red, Green, Yellow or platinum category of Nitaqat through the Ministry of Labor website 

In order to check the Nitaqat color status of any Kafeel or company, you need to have the Iqama number of an expatriate who is working under their sponsorship.

Check Iqama Color Status (Red, Green, Yellow)

  • Check Iqama Color Status (Red, Green, Yellow)
  • What is the meaning of Iqama Color/Nitaqat?
    • Platinum and Green Category
    • Yellow Category
    • Red Category
  • Iqama Status Red/Green

The first step to check the Iqama color status (red, green, yellow, platinum) of your mosasa, kafeel, institute or company is to open the website and enter one of the following three details;

  • Border Number. Recommended: What is Border Number?
  • Iqama Number. 
  • Passport Number.
check iqama color status red/green/yellow

In the next step, a new page will appear with the following details;

  • Your Full Name.
  • Work Permit Number.
  • Employment Status.
  • Iqama Color (Red, Green or Yellow)
  • Company legal status.

The following results of checking the iqama color status show that the Kafeel is in the average green category of Nitaqat.

iqama color status red/green/yellow

It is important to mention here that you cannot check the Iqama color status (red/green) of domestic workers and dependents as they are not registered with the Ministry of Labor.

What is the meaning of Iqama Color/Nitaqat?

In June 2011, the Saudi Ministry of Labor introduced Nitaqat Law for Saudization. The purpose of the law is to provide employment opportunities to Saudi nationals ahead of foreign expatriates. This program classified the Saudi companies of the private sector into four categories i.e. Platinum, Green, Yellow, and Red.

A company that is in Platinum or Green means that it has a high saudization rate. Conversely, a company that is in Yellow or Red means it has a low saudization rate. 

The requirement of Saudization varies from industry to industry. For example, banking companies need to hire 95% of Saudi employees to be in Green color while construction companies only required 15% Saudization to enjoy the same Nitaqat status.

Nitaqat System/iqama color

Platinum and Green Category

While checking the Iqama color status (red/green/yellow) if you find out that your employer is in the platinum or green category of Nitaqat, it means that;

  • Visa processing for foreign workers will be easier for them. 
  • If some employee is in the Red category, an employer with the Platinum category will be able to transfer their sponsorship without permission of their Kafeel. 
  • They can change the profession of their employees. 
  • Moreover, they can renew the Iqama of their employees three months before the expiry.

Yellow Category

The Ministry of Labor of Saudi Arabia has issued an order to abolish the “Yellow” category in the Nitaqat program. All entities falling under the Yellow nitaqat category have moved to the “Red category” on Jan 26, 2020.

Red Category

While checking the Iqama color status (red/green/yellow) if you find out that your employer is in the red category of Nitaqat, it means that;

  • They cannot get new visas for new foreign employees
  • They cannot transfer sponsorship from other sponsors.
  • If their employee wants to go to some company with Green or Platinum status, they cannot stop him from doing so.
  • They cannot renew iqamas of their employees.
  • They cannot change the profession of their employees
  • Finally, they cannot open new branches.

Iqama Status Red/Green

A large number of expatriates search if they can check their iqama status i.e. red/green on the website. It is important to note that the Iqama color status (red/green) can only be checked at the Ministry of Labor website and the does not have this utility.

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